C-11 is scheduled for second reading Monday April 26 at Noon (EST).   CALL or EMAIL your Liberal or NDP MPs TODAY. Ask them to speak up about C-11 on Monday and raise the following concerns:

  • An interview with an official after only 8 days does not give claimants the time or trust they need to talk about traumatic events. This will be a real problem for QLGBT claimants who often fear speaking about their sexuality or gender identity with an official. Claimants who have experienced traumas may be unable to provide an accurate account of their experiences under these conditions.
  • A hearing after 60 days does not provide enough time for most QLGBT claimants to gather the documentation.  Proving an identity you have kept secret to survive is challenging—it takes time to obstain letters, medical records and police documents from other countries. Hearings need good evidence to be fair.
  • The independence of decision making is potentially compromised by Bill C-11. This issue needs clarification.

Bill C-11 should not proceed without consultation. If this cannot happen before the second reading, there needs to be an  extensive hearing process while it is in committee.

People to call or email your Liberal or NDP MP and/or:

Olivia Chow, NDP immigration critic,
Bill Siksay, NDP LGBT critic,

Maurizio Bevilacqua, Liberal Immigration Critic,
Scott Brison, Liberal representative on LGBT concerns,


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