Opposing Bill C-31

Bill C-31 is an omnibus bill that, if passed, will make major changes to Canada’s refugee system.  Based on a decade of on the ground experience with QLGBT refugees, we are deeply concerned about the impact of Bill-C-31 for all refugees, and in particular for QLGBT refugees .  Our greatest concerns with Bill C-31 are:

  1. The “safe” country list is profoundly unsafe for QLGBT refugees.
  2. Unrealistically short timelines are unfair—and not necessarily more efficient.
  3. Banning Claimants from making Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications risks returning people to harm.
  4. Detention without review violates human rights.
  5. Under Bill C-31 Permanent Residence is not permanent for refugees.

Act now to protect the human rights of people facing homophobic and transphobic persecution. Write, email or call your MP. Tell your MP that Bill C-31 is unfair to refugees, and potentially less efficient than the system we have now. Bill C-31 should be withdrawn.